Workday is the core of human capital management (HCM) at UNLV. Here are just a few of the HCM business processes that take place inside Workday:

  • Hire new employees and rehire terminated workers
  • Create and manage search committees
  • Create a job requisition
  • Edit an existing position or job
  • Initiate a job transfer, promotion, demotion, or location change
  • Initiate an employee termination

For HCM business process support, please contact a member of your Human Resources Business Team.

If you are having trouble finding what you need, NSHE provides a glossary to define various Workday terms.

Workday Resources

Reporting and Data

There are various standard Workday reports that users can use to gather specific data. UNLV’s Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) team has also created custom reports that are tailored to UNLV’s business operations.

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Organizational Structure

To best determine the flow of business processes and approval, Workday uses organizational structure, which is a university-wide organizational chart that includes every employee. Each unit is responsible for working with our HRIS team to maintain their organizational structure.

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Business Process Resources

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Business Process Description
Manage Job Posting How to post, edit, view, close, copy, and manage job requisitions
Manage Job Requisition How to post, un-post, and update jobs to external career sites
Professional Profile How to edit information in the professional profile section for all workers
Regenerate Offer Documents How to update an accepted job offer document for a candidate or employee
Search Committees How to create and manage search committees


Business Process Description
Hire Employee How to hire an employee, including how to check for duplicate employee records in Workday
Create Position How to initiate the "create position" business process
Video - How to Access Candidate Applications How to access candidate applications and materials if you are a manager, an administrative assistant, or are on a search committee (closed captioning)


Business Process Description
Complete Form I-9 (Employee) How to complete an I-9 form as an employee
Complete Form I-9 (HR Partner) How to approve and complete an I-9 for an employee
Edit Government ID How to edit government IDs
Edit Passports and Visas How to edit an employee's passport or visa information


Business Process Description
Edit Position How to edit a position and change a position's restrictions
Period Activity Pay – Employee Signature How to review a Period Activity Pay Agreement
Manage Period Activity Pay How to administer period activity pay (PAP)
Request Compensation Change How to request a change to the base pay rate for classified or salaried employees
Request One-Time Payment How to request a one-time payment such as awards, bonus, and more

Human Resources

Business Process Description
Add Employee Contract

How to upload images of paper contracts completed outside of Workday into Workday

Add Job for Semi-Monthly Workers How to add a job for semi-monthly workers
Change Business Title How to change an employee's business title
Change Job How to initiate a job transfer, promotion, demotion, location change, and more
Delete Duplicate Pre-Hire Record How to delete duplicate pre-hire records
Edit Position or Job How to edit an existing position or job
Report No Show How to initiate the "no show" business process for workers who don't attend their first day of work
Submit Resignation How to submit your resignation or retirement
Termination How to initiate and receive approval for an employee termination

Leave of Absence

Business Process Description
Place Worker on Leave How to place a worker on leave
Request Leave of Absence How to request a leave of absence
Return Worker From Leave (Employee) How to return from a leave of absence
Return Worker From Leave (Manager) How to return a worker from a leave of absence in the "manager" security role