Step 1: Web Questionnaire

The development process begins when you submit a completed website questionnaire to Web & Digital Strategy.

The answers on the questionnaire will help us identify what your needs are and how we can create a site that will effectively communicate with the audiences you would like to reach.

Step 2: Site Navigation

From the information collected in step one, we will draft a sitemap and set a meeting with you to discuss our recommendations.

In the meeting, we will explain the strategy we applied in organizing the site and listen to your feedback for changes and modifications.

Step 3: Content Gathering

Once the basic structure and scope for the website has been finalized, we will outline the development phases and articulate the services we will be able to assist you with.

Step 4: Content Editing

After you've assembled all the content for your site and sent it to us, we will edit your copy for the web and write transitions or additional copy needed.

*Note: At this point in the process, we will be able to give you an estimated production timeline.

Step 5: Production & Design

The production and design team will build the website to mirror your sitemap and include any special features and/or designs that were discussed.

After the development site is ready for review, we will conduct an internal review and set a time to meet with you to present the site.

Step 6: Review & Quality Assurance

After the presentation of your development site, you will be given a development URL, login and password so that you can review it on your own and submit changes.

We will then implement your changes and conduct a final proof reading and quality assurance review.

Step 7: Delivery of Finished Product

With your approval of the development site, we will begin the process of replacing your old site with your new site (also known as "going live").

This process takes a couple of days behind the scenes; however, to you and your users the switch of the site will be instant. You will be notified by email that the site is live.

*This is also a good time to communicate with your primary audiences to let them know your site is changing.

Step 8: Maintenance

The maintenance of your site is just as important, if not more important, than the building of it. Your new site will only keep it's integrity if the information is current.

Submit minor changes through our web work request form or contact Web & Digital Strategy for major changes.

Contact Us

For questions regarding our web development process, please contact Deana Waddell.