UNLV Departments & Organizations

UNLV departments and affiliated organizations can request a link on UNLV's top-level pages, such as the A-Z Index, by completing the web request form. Before requesting a link to your site, please make sure your pages contain the following elements:

  • A department email address or contact form.
  • Appropriate navigational links — A department will provide a link back to its college; an additional link to the UNLV homepage is optional. Secondary pages should include a link back to your site's main homepage.

Web authors whose pages do not contain these elements will be notified of the oversight. UNLV will not link to such pages until the missing elements have been added.

Non-university Sites

UNLV may occasionally link to a nonuniversity site if the site is affiliated with UNLV in some way or if the site offers content that UNLV feels may be of interest to visitors of a specific UNLV webpage. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Send link inquiries via email to Web & Digital Strategy.

Personal Homepages

Links to personal homepages can be maintained on college- and department-level pages at the discretion of the individual college deans and department chairs. Links to personal homepages will not be allowed on any other official UNLV pages.