Our Brand

Our Name

Students standing in front of a U-N-L-V sign that says "Different. Daring. Diverse."


Although our proper name is University of Nevada, Las Vegas, our identity is best communicated as UNLV in all marketing and advertising channels, including communications involving the colleges, schools and business units. It should appear in conjunction with all entities, never being left out in favor of the secondary unit name. As we move forward to be nationally recognized as a top tier public institution in research, education and community impact, UNLV is short, clear, and easy to use and remember.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

This full name can be used as a supporting element in tandem with, but not as a part of, the UNLV logo.

Core Brand Messaging

When we communicate the right way, when we stay focused on our mission, vision, and purpose, our brand can communicate to others who we are, what we value, and who we hope to become. The success of our brand will support our mission to become a Top Tier University.

In taking a fresh look at who we are and what makes us stand out, Integrated Marketing & Branding, working closely with key internal stakeholders, has developed a guiding set of core brand messages. These messages serve to guide our larger brand messaging as we develop marketing that moves us closer to becoming a Top Tier school.


A university that gives you the opportunity to make real change, not just talk about it.

  • UNLV doesn’t do things the traditional way. We are original. We do what no one else can in and out of the classroom.
  • Out of the 4,000 universities and 200 research universities in the nation, only a handful of them are urban public research universities and UNLV is one of them. With more than 29,000 students, we are an emerging institution that provides our students with many different academic, research, service, and leadership opportunities.
  • Unlike many other universities, both undergraduate and graduate students have the ability to conduct research during their studies. Students work side-by-side with faculty to solve many real-world issues. They’re researching potential cures for HIV, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – and getting published; tackling climate change and environmental issues; and discovering new energy alternatives.
  • It’s hard to ignore our unique location so we don’t. Our campus is in the heart of Las Vegas, a worldwide destination. Business leaders from around the world converge on Las Vegas to meet, think, and exchange ideas, positioning our students and faculty to become global thought and change leaders.
  • Through expanding connections with our partners, UNLV is enriching the cultural vitality and stimulating the economic development and diversification in our community. We leverage our distinctive strengths to collaborate locally, nationally, and internationally.


We explore, push past boundaries, and discover what hasn’t been done before, while not being afraid to take the unconventional path.

  • UNLV is an energetic and unstoppable force. We are always in motion, creating balance and growth across a variety of industries as we change the world for the better.
  • UNLV is committed to inspiring a better way of life on campus and within the communities we serve. We create opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff, and we do so in bold, dynamic, and authentic ways.
  • UNLV fosters a climate of innovation in which more than 1,000 faculty produce high quality, widely disseminated influential research, scholarship, and creative activity. Their astounding range of knowledge and expertise creates an environment where the possibilities are endless.
  • UNLV has a number of ongoing, impressive initiatives that set us apart. Achieving UNLV’s Top Tier goals within a decade will secure our place as a leading national public university in the country. Other universities continue with the status quo; we take chances.
  • UNLV’s spirit represents the community in which we live. Las Vegas didn’t excel by following the traditional route, and UNLV dares to do the same in bold, inventive ways.


A university as colorful and innovative as the city it calls home, a place where diversity of culture, experience, and worldviews create an environment of learning and collaboration unlike anywhere else.

  • UNLV is the nation’s most diverse campus. This aspect enriches the overall learning experience because it brings different perspectives, values, and opinions to the classroom and to campus.
  • UNLV embraces our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are receptive to change. We listen to others with open minds. We support each other in our differences.
  • UNLV continues to recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse body of motivated students because of the strength of our learning experiences, mentoring programs, real-world creative and research opportunities, and vibrant campus community.
  • UNLV is dedicated to shaping the lives of our students and offering them the best possible educational experiences. We reflect what an engaged, modern university will be in the future.
  • UNLV is diverse in its academic programs. Through our 16 colleges and schools, which include more than 200 undergraduate majors and more than 150 graduate programs (certificates, master’s, specialists, doctoral, and professional degrees), our focus is placed on achievement through education, research, scholarship, creative activity, and clinical service. This allows us to prepare our future alumni to be state and national leaders through a variety of programs focused on interdisciplinary studies, research, internships, global experiences, and service to others.

Our Visual brand Elements

The hallmarks of the UNLV brand are the set of visual elements that represent the university in digital, print, and other visual communications. Our identity encompasses everything from our monogram university mark and unit signatures, to our official family of typefaces, and colors.Faithful use of these elements, along with adherence to the guidelines and standards for their use, will help to build and communicate our story to our target audiences. 

Creating Brand Content

Our approach recognizes that we cannot simply tell people how to feel about UNLV; we must connect with them through compelling stories. Whether it’s a feature story, a social media campaign, or a video, we must focus on the audiences and demonstrate our value to them.

The Basics

Our content must be:

  • Clear, concise, and professional
  • Provide an authentic view of the university
  • Avoid academic/administrative jargon and marketing hyperbole
  • Fulfill at least one of our Content Goals

UNLV Brand Content Goals

We strive to elevate news into memorable, audience-focused content that:

  • Illustrates how the university’s mission, vision, and strategy serves our audiences
  • Highlights UNLV’s role in building a better community and addressing the world issues that affect our audiences
  • Shows the value of the unique expertise and thought leadership that UNLV offers our community
  • Celebrates individual accomplishments and contributions to helping UNLV achieve Top Tier status
  • Encourages connection, conversation, and participation in the life of the university
  • Makes our audiences proud to be Rebels

Achieving these goals will inspire trust, loyalty, and action — turning our audiences into brand ambassadors.

Voice and Tone

UNLV’s personality — Rebellious, Relentless, and Purposeful — should come through in our communications. These words work together to convey our brand voice. We may have a young, rebellious streak, but we always put it to good use.

The tone is the nuanced expression of that personality depending on the situation. Tone takes into account the medium and audience we’re trying to reach.

Voice Tonal Nuances
Rebellious Daring, Bold, Audacious, Gutsy, Gritty, Unconventional
Relentless Energetic, Youthful, Driven, Hard-working, Tenacious
Purposeful Motivated, Inspired, Devoted, Caring, Committed, Community-centered

So for an undergraduate-focused social media post, the words and visuals can convey that this is place where they can focus their youthful energy to better their communities. A brochure targeting a community partner, on the other hand, will have a more formal presentation but still convey that UNLV pushes past challenges when partnering to solve our region’s biggest issues.