Magazine cover featuring The Esports Spectacle story
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UNLV Magazine

Spring 2017
Volume 25, Issue 1
Illustration of several people playing video games
Esports is moving from huddles around a computer to becoming the next big spectator sport — and resorts are betting that it’ll bring Millennials into casinos.
Brett Abarbanel stands in front of slot machines
The relationship between resorts, eSports and the Gaming Control Board is still being fleshed out. UNLV researchers are right there to examine these emerging paradigms.
Tubes containing cannabis
UNLV alumni tell us why they took a chance on Nevada’s budding marijuana industry.
Douglas Duncan and Israel Alvarado
With limited options in Nevada for top-notch scientists, two UNLV grads welcome the high-tech jobs that the marijuana industry brought.
A high school student explores a project
UNLV mines its own grade books to ensure students aren’t weeded out of STEM classes.
Michelle Mata performs demonstration
A message from UNLV President Len Jessup.