Magazine cover featuring The Esports Spectacle story

UNLV Magazine

Spring 2017
Volume 25, Issue 1
Illustration of several people playing video games
Esports is moving from huddles around a computer to becoming the next big spectator sport — and resorts are betting that it’ll bring Millennials into casinos.
Brett Abarbanel stands in front of slot machines
The relationship between resorts, eSports and the Gaming Control Board is still being fleshed out. UNLV researchers are right there to examine these emerging paradigms.
Tubes containing cannabis
UNLV alumni tell us why they took a chance on Nevada’s budding marijuana industry.
Douglas Duncan and Israel Alvarado
With limited options in Nevada for top-notch scientists, two UNLV grads welcome the high-tech jobs that the marijuana industry brought.
A high school student explores a project
UNLV mines its own grade books to ensure students aren’t weeded out of STEM classes.
Michelle Mata performs demonstration
A message from UNLV President Len Jessup.
Screenshot of new website
Hosting the final presidential debate helped put UNLV on the map for prospective students.
Greenspun Hall
Senator Harry Reid and Speaker John Boehner to co-chair institute within UNLV’s School of Public Policy and Leadership.
Several covers of Believer magazine
The Believer, one of the world's leading journals of arts and culture, is a five-time finalist for the National Magazine Award; publication part of BMI mission to connect writers, and literary imagination, to public life.
Ross Bryant speaks at podium
Ross Bryant selected as top advisor out of 1,400 Student Veterans of America chapters nationwide.
UNLV Hockey team during a game
Skatin' Rebels, currently a non-varsity team, hopes to follow the lead of Arizona State as the second NCAA Division I team in college hockey from the Southwest.
Desiree Reed-Francois shakes hands
Former Virginia Tech deputy begins her tenure at UNLV June 1.
Doom Towns cover
UNLV professor Andy Kirk's "Doom Towns" takes a ground-level view of ground zero, and presents it in the form of graphic novel about Las Vegas' position in the atomic firmament.
Georgiann Davis speaks at Ted Talks
Sociologist Georgiann Davis embraces her public persona as she delves into sociological issues in the medical community.
pedestrian exiting a crosswalk on Maryland Parkway
UNLV study confirms that motorists are less likely to stop for pedestrians of color.
Nursing students practice on a manikin
Step into the custom-designed training center for UNLV nursing students where manikins talk, blood is made by the gallon, and life-saving skills are mastered.
Stephen M. Miller
The director of UNLV's Center for Business and Economic Research on the economic issues we can't keep kicking down the road.
Chip Johnson
When the real estate market took its toll on Chip Johnson, the 2017 Alumnus of the Year leaned on the relationships he started at UNLV.
As a utility player of the acting profession, alumnus Michael Bunin has found his niche in Hollywood.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
From the Spring 2017 issue of UNLV Magazine.