Fall 2017 cover featuring campus photo with mountains in background
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UNLV Innovation

Fall 2017
Vol. 10, No. 1
Dr. Mary Croughan
UNLV President, Dr. Len Jessup and UNLV Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Dr. Mary Croughan welcomes UNLV Innovation readers to the Fall 2017 issue.
Sepia tone photo of the U.N.L.V. campus with mountains and clouds in the background
UNLV researchers work to brighten the future for Nevada, its neighbors, and beyond.
Dr. Karl Kingsley and Dr. James Mah hold a model of a tooth.
UNLV researchers developed a method for extracting tooth root pulp that quadruples the number of stem cells that can be harvested and replicated to treat a variety of medical conditions.
artwork from Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery
“Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery” shows the beauty of science and the artistic side of even the most lab-bound of scientists.
Kwang Kim
Kwang Kim, winner of the 2016 Harry Reid Silver State Research Award, designs substances that propel us into a cleaner, healthier future.
Jonathan Rhodes Lee and Jennifer Grim perform
Inspired by her research on the period’s music, flutist Jennifer Grim created a first-of-its-kind festival for UNLV and the community.
An illustration of a newspaper cover featuring the Hiroshima bombing
UNLV professor Andy Kirk's "Doom Towns" takes a ground-level view of ground zero, and presents it in the form of graphic novel about Las Vegas' position in the atomic firmament.
Cory Lampert and Silvia Southwick pose in front of a colorful data display
Bad news for astronauts headed to Mars, breast cancer survival rates in Southern Nevada, the esports trend, and more.
Indigenous women and girls cut fish at the Akulurak Jesuit mission boarding school summer fish camp in Alaska, circa late 1920s. (Jesuit Oregon Province Archives, Gonzaga University)
Authors explore atomic testing, sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and more.
Vlad Zhitny, Biology major, looks into a microscope in a laboratory.
An annual accounting of research and economic development activity over the last fiscal year.
researcher in lab
UNLV research efforts have consistently grown over its 60-year life span, setting us on track to someday becoming one of the premier research universities in the nation.