Fall 2016 Cover
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UNLV Innovation

Fall 2016
Vol. 9, No. 1
Dr. Carolyn Yucha
UNLV President, Dr. Len Jessup and Acting Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Dr. Carolyn Yucha welcomes UNLV Innovation readers to the Fall 2016 issue.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
A new bacteria phylum, battling underage trafficking, a program to boost campus entrepreneurship, digging up the dirt on Mars, fighting HIV in Nigeria, and more.
Desk with skulls and bones on it
Debra Martin, winner of the 2015 Harry Reid Silver State Research Award, reveals that the answers about our darkest impulses can sometimes be found within what remains.
Graphic of cart with lab coat, microscope, and books
Four UNLV researchers are studying what makes hotel and resort customers tick, then using that knowledge to help industry leaders better serve their patrons.
golden brain sculpture
Through collaboration and innovation, UNLV researchers are changing the way we think about the brain.
a collage of wood parts and a photo of a vase with roses
The song you can’t get out of your head. That image burned into your memory. The scene that melts even the most hardened hearts.
Scott Abella sits on a rock at leake mead
In recently published new works, UNLV faculty authors examine the century-long struggle to preserve America’s national parks, college students as taste-making fashionistas, the movement for understanding and acceptance of those born intersex, and the cultural legacy of post-9/11 literature.
Professor of Chemistry Bryan Spangelo looks through vials in his lab
An annual accounting of research and economic development activity over the last fiscal year.
Chalkboard with many sketches
How does research reach beyond our campus?