Do It Yourself (DIY) Options

Online instructors at UNLV have several options to use "do it yourself" (DIY) tools for recording engaging instructional videos. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Panopto videos
  • Whiteboard presentation videos
  • Voice over slide presentation videos
  • Flashcard videos
  • Writing/drawing with narration

How to Make a Video

If you'd like your students to create a video for one of their class assignments, the Office of Online Education created this video for you to share with them. Many of the tips are helpful in preparing to create your own videos.

How to Make a Video

More Tips

Sal Kahn of Kahn's Academy has also some great tips for recording an instructional video. The first half of the video he demonstrates his process. At about 5 minutes 30 seconds he has great tips that are applicable to delivering any type of video presentation more effectively. Check out Sal Kahn's How to Make a Video on YouTube.

Adding Your Video to WebCampus

Video Recording Services by Request

Faculty who are not developing a master online course and need a few videos that they are not able to record themselves may be interested in our video recording service by request.