Our mission is to grant access to knowledge, increase sensitivity, and change individual attitudes about interpersonal violence through presentations, discussions, and workshops around campus activism and violence prevention. To accomplish our mission, we facilitate educational workshops and presentations, and staff outreach tables at campus events.

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CARE Presentations

The CARE (Campus Advocacy Resource Empowerment) Advocates are committed to promoting a culture of non-violence at UNLV. One way we seek to accomplish this is through CARE Presentations, which are interpersonal violence prevention and education workshops. We facilitate CARE Presentations in both academic and social settings. Professors can add to their students’ learning experience by requesting an in-class presentation and we will even come to a Registered Student Organization’s meeting, too! Below is our list of available presentations.

Bystander Invervention and Consent

  • The goal of this workshop is to encourage the use of bystander intervention techniques to identify and prevent interpersonal violence (sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking).
  • Topics include: Consent, Power and Control, Alcohol- and Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
  • Time: 60 minutes

Keeping a Survivor in School: Interpersonal Violence Facts and Resources

  • The goal of this presentation is to encourage a campus community that understands the complexity of interpersonal violence. Attendees will learn about the on and off-campus resources available to victims for healing.
  • Topics include: Victim-Blaming, Title IX, On and Off campus resources for victims
  • Time: 50 minutes

Rape Culture

  • This presentation incorporates information from Feminist Theory to discuss how sexual violence is normalized and perpetuated in American society.
  • Topics include: Gender, Media, Victim-Blaming, Sexual Objectification
  • Time: 50 minutes

Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Violence

  • The goal of this discussion is to “shift the focus” of dominant conceptualizations of violence that maintain an idea of victims/survivors as typically white, heterosexual women. Ultimately, we aim to broaden the discussion of violence in different communities to effectively address violence as a social epidemic.
  • Topics include: Men, People of Color, and LGBTQIA2 communities as victims of Interpersonal Violence
  • Time: 50 minutes

"Walking the Walk" Activity

  • This interactive presentation explores the issues and emotions that survivors of sexual violence face every day. Participants will learn about the responses from family, friends, and community members that victims receive and the decisions they have to make immediately following a sexual assault. Following the activity, a guided discussion will take place.
  • Topics Include: Victim-Blaming, Men and LGBTQIA2 people as victims of IPV, Resources for victims
  • Time: 60 minutes

"Why Do They Stay" Activity

  • This is an interactive game-formatted presentation and is best suited for groups of no more than 15. The activity places participants in the real-life choices of victims of violence, highlighting limited access to resources and funds, with the ultimate goal of addressing the victim-blaming stigmatized questions of, “Why do they stay?” and, “Why don’t they just leave?”
  • Time: 60 minutes

JNWC 101

  • This presentation gives an overview of the services offered by the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center and its victim-advocacy group, CARE Advocates.
  • Topics Include: The JNWC mission, office freebies, Victim Advocacy, and JNWC accomplishments
  • Time: 10-20 minutes

Resource Fair Tabling

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