What are the English and mathematics requirements?

English: You must take a total of 6 credits of English, and scores are necessary for placement (maximum of 18 months old); otherwise, preparatory courses are required. You will not be blocked from any math course, but you are required to take MATH 124 for the undergraduate program. We require that you show proof of scores or of the completion of preparatory courses on the first day of class. Get more information in undergraduate degree requirements.

What GPA do I need to remain in good standing with the School of Social Work?

In order to stay in good standing with the School of Social Work, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0. If you find yourself on probation, the fastest way to improve your GPA is to repeat courses in which you received low grades as long as you are certain you can improve your score on the first repeat. The second grade will replace the first, improving your GPA. Subsequent repeats are usually not advisable unless you need the course to graduate. SEE YOUR ADVISOR.

How many physical education credits count toward graduation?

Only four physical education (PEX) credits count toward graduation. Students can take as many PED courses as they would like.

What does the residency requirement mean?

In order to graduate in your declared major, you must complete your final 30 uninterrupted credits while registered in that particular major during your senior year.

If I transfer in more than 60 credits from a two-year institution, will I have to make up credits ?

You must have 60 credits from a four-year institution to graduate. If you transfer in more than 60 credits from a two-year institution, it is possible that you would have to take additional classes to make up the difference. You should see an advisor if this is a concern you have. Importantly, you should know and understand both student and institution transfer rights and responsibilities.

What is "pre" status and how do I get out of the "pre" status?

Some of our majors have specific courses that you must complete with certain grades before you are allowed into the 300- and 400-level classes in our program. You are in "pre" status until these requirements are fulfilled and you have a cumulative UNLV GPA of 2.5. Once you complete the "pre" courses in which you must get C's or better in all SW classes and have at least a 2.5 GPA, you must apply to the program in order to become a full major.

What is upper division?

Upper division refers to classes numbered 300 and 400.

How do I register for classes?

You may register on the web.

Are students assigned a particular advisor?

No. We welcome you to make an appointment with our advisors. We strongly suggest that you come at least once per year to make sure you are registering for the correct courses.

What is the difference between a dual major and a dual baccalaureate?

You can complete a dual major (more than one course of study) by completing the requirements for each major. At graduation time, you will have both majors listed on one diploma (example: Bachelor of Arts, Communication, and Sociology). Please note that if you are completing a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree, you may complete this only as a dual baccalaureate degree. If you wish to complete two separate degrees, or a dual baccalaureate, you will need to complete all requirements from both areas of study, including an additional 30 credits of course work, for a minimum total of 150 credits. See an advisor or refer to your catalog for additional information.