Fraternity and Sorority Life FAQs

What are the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority?

If you were to ask our members, they would likely mention gaining support from their brothers or sisters, leadership development opportunities, philanthropic projects, community service, career opportunities, and becoming part of a national network as some of the top benefits of joining. Everyone has their own reasons for joining, but fraternity and sorority membership has something to offer for everyone. In addition, fraternity and sorority membership is unique because it is lifelong, so there are many ways to stay involved post-graduation.

What does it cost to be a member of a fraternity or sorority?

Every fraternity and sorority is self-supported by member dues. Dues pay for philanthropy events, social events, membership recruitment or intake, brotherhood/sisterhood events, and more. Each chapter and its national organization determine the amount for dues and membership fees. Some chapters also include a one-time new member and/or initiation fee. Many chapters offer a monthly payment plan option as well as a single payment-in-full option.

Will joining a fraternity or sorority affect my academic success?

One of the main values of each of our Greek organizations is academic excellence. Fraternities and sororities each have academic eligibility standards for joining, and many have GPA minimums to remain active in the organization. Chapters provide structure, support, and accountability systems that help members to be successful in the classroom. Chapters also host educational programs with topics ranging from time management to study skills. Many also offer study hour opportunities and tutoring programs within their chapters.

Being in a fraternity or sorority sounds like it takes a lot of time. Is this true?

Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one's time. Fraternity and sorority membership provides many different opportunities to break out of your comfort zone and engage in the organization in a way that is authentic to you. Some members choose to serve in leadership roles, which will take more time than being a general member. However, getting more involved in the organization, either as an officer or attendee, will ultimately give you a more rewarding Greek experience. In addition, expectations of membership will ultimately require you to develop time management skills that will help you balance academics, work, campus involvement, and other commitments.

How do I find the fraternity or sorority that is right for me?

Membership selection in all Greek organizations is a mutual selection process, which means that while organizations are seeking members that match their values and goals, you also have opportunities to ask questions and assess which organization is the right fit for you. You should look for an organization that is compatible with your own values and interests. Each chapter and council have a different process for adding new members; some have formal recruitment processes and some are less centralized. No matter which type of experience you are looking for, it is recommended to do your research and talk to current members to get more insight as you make your decision.