I signed for a package and I can’t find it?

Shipping and Receiving’s responsibility for the delivery is complete upon obtaining a signature for the material from the department.

My equipment was delivered but I need it moved to a different location, how do I get it moved?

Place a request with Moving Services

I have a very important priority package being delivered, when can I expect delivery?

All priority, overnight, next day, second day, or other expedited packages will be delivered to the departments on the same day they are received, if receipt at Central Receiving is by noon.

All packages received that do not possess any sort of expedited indication will be delivered to the department within a maximum of three working days.

Can I pick up my package from the Shipping & Receiving warehouse in HWB?

If a customer is unable to wait for delivery, he/she should notify the Shipping and Receiving team ext. 53212. Confirmation of receipt will be made when the package reaches the warehouse.

I ordered furniture that needs to be assembled. Does Shipping & Receiving assemble the furniture for me?

Place a request with Moving Services

How do I return products to the vendor?

The vendor will offer instructions to the department on returning goods to them.

  • In general, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is provided by the vendor. Information such as shipping, associated costs, restocking charges, and packaging instructions are provided to return the purchase.
  • This may include a “call tag” issued by the vendor to have the merchandise picked up by a specific carrier. A valid freight account number is required along with the RMA authorization to process the shipping.
Can new items (furniture, file cabinets, etc.) that cannot be put to immediate use be stored with the Shipping & Receiving warehouse?

Yes. Storage arrangements are required in advance and charges will apply as accrued.

Why do you generally not allow direct deliveries to UNLV departments?

There are a number of reasons that Shipping and Receiving has organized the direct delivery process as it is.

  • UNLV has adopted a closed campus policy for the safety of the campus community.
  • The entire Maryland Parkway campus shares a single mailing address.
  • Shipping and Receiving initiates the check and balance system of proof that a shipment was delivered and received for the purpose of releasing payment.
  • Property Control coordinates with Shipping and Receiving to barcode university assets at the time of receipt.
Why do you only deliver to the department central offices?

Delivering to a central department office assures that someone is available to accept delivery, eliminates repetitive attempts and improves overall service to our customers.

Why do you not service off campus entities?

Central Receiving does not currently have sufficient staff or equipment (things such as trucks, etc.) to enable it to provide regular deliveries for off-campus entities. Many off campus locations possess a mailing address separate from the university’s main mailing address of 4505 South Maryland Parkway. Those customers should feel free to utilize their own mailing address to ensure timely receipt of their materials.

Why does it take so long to get computers and peripherals delivered?

All computers must be barcoded and recorded by UNLV Property Control who coordinates receipts with Shipping & Receiving and also with the Office of Information Technology. Generally, these items are transitioned to OIT within three days of receipt.