Shipping – General

  • The Shipping and Receiving team is responsible for the shipment of all outgoing campus packages other than those sent through the U.S. Mail.
  • All shipments less than 150 lbs. are made via FedEx.
  • Packages over 150 lbs. will be shipped via UNLV certified house carriers.
  • Select the service level for the shipment.
  • Select insurance if applicable.
  • Express services are expensive. Make sure to receive a quote before you enter into a shipping arrangement with a carrier. Creation of an air bill is a binding contract.
  • In order to ensure same-day express shipment of a package, all packages must be received prior to 1 p.m. by the Shipping and Receiving team.
  • Items being shipped ground service will be shipped the following day when received after 1 p.m.
  • Items for shipping may be dropped off at the Shipping and Receiving department in the Herman Westfall Building (HWB) for convenience. If you would like to have Shipping and Receiving pick up your package, use our pick up request form.
  • Coordinate package pick up with the Shipping and Receiving department.
  • All outgoing shipments require shipping documentation. Shipping and Receiving team members will be happy to assist with all document preparation. Reference the below links directly or contact ext. 53212 for assistance.
    • A shipment pickup request is required to have your package picked up for prepaid shipping or returns where shipping is prearranged.
    • A shipping request form is required to present shipment details and arrange shipment by FedEx or other UNLV Carrier.

Completing a Shipment Pick-up Request or Shipping Authorization Form

  • List department information, account number, and specific details.
  • If using the recipient’s account number or a third-party account number, please enter it in the field “FedEx/UPS/DHL Account #.”
  • If you are returning something for replacement or repair, the vendor may assign you a RMA# or Return Authorization. Make sure to include that information.
  • Enter all pertinent shipping information.


  • Shipping and Receiving does not provide packaging services, other than the standard materials supplied by FedEx and small packages for a minimal charge.
  • Shipping and Receiving can provide information on proper packaging techniques.
  • Generally, items being returned to the vendor should be shipped in their original packaging.
  • If the item being shipped is very large or very heavy, a crate may need to be built for shipment. In this case, the sender should contact Shipping and Receiving to coordinate both packaging (crating) and shipping activity. There is a fee related to this service.
  • If the package is prepaid and has a shipment label a completed shipping authorization form is not required.

Receiving – General

  • Shipping and Receiving will receive all incoming packages and motor freight marked for UNLV.
  • All deliveries are verified by cross checking the package information, package count, and materials received against the carrier’s freight bill.
  • A visual inspection is made to note damage at the time of receipt.
  • Package tracking is available through the carrier’s web portal or through UNLV’s internal tracking software, SC Logic.
  • Carrier tracking information is re-entered into the internal UNLV SCLogic tracking system generally within one hour after the carrier delivers. This enables internal package tracking once a package is received on campus.
  • Shipments will be delivered to the designated delivery area for the department indicated on the package or purchase order.
  • Alternative delivery instructions are required to be made in advance.
  • The final destination is identified and the delivery is made to the department location.
  • Packages that are not properly identified may be refused or may have the delivery delayed.
  • All deliveries require the signature of the individual accepting the materials for the department for verification.
  • When the delivery is made, the department should verify the contents of each carton against the purchase order.
  • Shipping and Receiving team members are not responsible for opening cartons, stocking shelves, installation or assembling items received.
  • Responsibility for the delivery is complete upon obtaining a signature from the department.
  • Subsequent relocations of the materials received are the responsibility of the department.

Return to Vendor

  • Departments are responsible for securely packing items for outbound shipment that are being returned to the vendor. This is done by obtaining a vendor return authorization (RMA) to identify return requirements and shipment labels.
  • All call tag requirements should be completed before a pick up request with Shipping and Receiving is made.
  • Please label all packages being returned with the return authorization number and the original purchase order number.

Addressing Incoming Packages

Incoming packages are required to display the below information. The identification is critical to package tracking, service excellence and delivery. The carrier shipping label should reflect the following details.

First and Last name                  John Doe
Purchase Order Number                PO# UNLV12345
Bldg. Code & Room #                  CSB 241, Box 451044  
Street Address                       4505 S. Maryland Pkwy
City, State and Zip-Mail Stop        Las Vegas, NV 89154-1044
Telephone                            (702) 123-4567

Package Inquiry and Tracking

  • If a department needs to inquire about a package not yet received, the first step is to track whether the materials have been delivered to the university. With your carrier tracking number, visit the Additional Tracking Services info on our Services page.
  • As a final resort the department may call Central Receiving, at ext. 53212. When calling to inquire about a package, please have the following information available:
    • Purchase order number, if applicable
    • Name and address of sender
    • Carrier name (FedEx, Airborne, UPS, etc.)
    • Carrier assigned tracking number
    • Department and recipient at UNLV
    • Building and room number

Special Handling

  • UNLV receiving customers should notify the Shipping and Receiving department at ext. 53212 to coordinate special handling circumstances.
  • Department personnel are responsible for notifying the Shipping and Receiving department of frozen, refrigerated, perishable or sensitive items that require special processing or expedited service.
  • Special handling includes the below categories:
    • Express shipments
    • Materials on dry ice or frozen
    • Live animals (crickets, etc)
    • Blood and blood platelets
    • Packages labeled “refrigerate immediately,” “freeze upon arrival” or indicate “special handling” instructions
    • Radioactive materials and controlled substances
    • Chemicals, compounds and liquids
  • The UNLV Shipping and Receiving team adheres to all safety, material handling, and hazardous material procedures.

Items Not Accepted

Items that cannot be processed by Central Receiving include the following:

  • UNLV Departments with an address other than 4505 S. Maryland Parkway (Paradise Campus, CAEO, Sam Boyd Stadium, etc) will have their official incoming shipments and freight delivered to their respective sites.
  • Shipments to the below Maryland Parkway addresses or locations are delivered directly. Please coordinate appropriately as they are not serviced by the Shipping and Receiving team:
    • Contractor Materials
    • UNLV Bookstore
    • Aramark Food Services
    • Thomas and Mack Center
    • US EPA
  • Live animals – Departments ordering live animals are required to make arrangements for delivery directly to the department or desired location.
  • The Shipping and Receiving team will not accept COD or “Bill to Receiver” packages.
  • UNLV is not responsible for personal merchandise. Receipt of materials that are not the property of the university but shipped through UNLV Shipping and Receiving is highly discouraged.
  • Deliveries of personal items will not be delivered to the individual. Recipients are responsible to track and pick up personal shipments.

Damaged Freight and Claims

  • The Shipping and Receiving team is responsible for coordinating the distribution of packages and freight to the ordering departments.
  • Visible damage will be noted on the freight bill upon receipt to assist with claim validation and processing.
  • The primary responsibility for filing a claim for damaged freight is at the department level.
  • The Shipping and Receiving team will assist with filing a claim at the request of a department.
  • Immediate action to file a claim is required to comply with the time limits set by carriers.
  • Departments should inspect the contents and condition of delivered goods upon receipt.
  • Resolving problems related to visible damage, concealed damage or other discrepancies with the vendor or carrier is incumbent on addressing the issue in a timely manner.
  • Once a package has been delivered to the department, the contents should be inspected as soon as possible and ideally within 24 hours for concealed damage, unidentifiable items, and items not conforming to specifications or other discrepancies.
  • If the material or equipment must be installed to verify if it is acceptable, the department should arrange to have this procedure completed as soon as possible.
  • If a shipment does not contain the correct materials or damage is identified, the department should contact the Purchasing department for assistance.
  • The vendor should be notified within 24-48 hours of receipt for assistance in filing a claim with the carrier where appropriate as well.
  • The department should preserve all items, wrappings and content for the carrier’s physical inspection.
  • Pictures and documentation are critical to claims settlements.

Unidentified Packages or Freight

  • The Purchasing department will be contacted seven days after the date of receipt to assist with any packages or freight that has a purchase order number displayed to assist with delivery.
  • After 14 days, an unclaimed item that is not referenced by a purchase order will be sent to the Surplus department for sale.

Storage and Warehousing

  • Shipping and Receiving is designed to distribute packages and freight upon delivery. Arrangements for anything that cannot be delivered routinely should be made prior to arrival on campus.
  • Warehousing and storage of materials in circumstances where deliveries are not possible within the receiving window are required to maintain process flow.
  • UNLV contracts with a third-party warehouse and will coordinate storage and delivery of your materials on an arranged or as needed basis.
  • UNLV will provide warehousing and storage at no cost for the first seven calendar days after receipt. Those shipments must be received at the department destination within five business days.
  • Storage charges will begin to be accrued on the sixth business day following receipt of the shipment.
  • Storage charges will be accrued at $7 for the first day of storage and $4 per day thereafter.
  • A signed IDR authorizing storage fees is required prior to delivery of your shipment.

Relationship to FedEx

  • In order to effectively meet the needs of the campus community, FedEx is the preferred carrier for all university inbound and outbound freight.
  • FedEx provides discounted shipping rates below competitive market arrangements to the UNLV community.
  • FedEx provides exemplary transit service and delivery globally to the university community for both inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Freight charges are expensed separately from vendor purchase arrangements.

Service Standards

  • Receipts will be processed by service level and by first in, first out guidelines.
  • Express shipments will be delivered same day.
  • Ground packages will be delivered same day when possible and next day generally.
  • All shipments will be delivered within three business days.
  • Deliveries of palletized freight to departments requires coordination in advance of receipt with the receiving department.