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Dr. Simon Jowitt, Department of Geoscience
"Who Needs Mining, and Who Does Mining Need? Insights into How Mining Supports Modern Life and How Economic Geology Research Can Help the Mining Industry"

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Dr. Aude Picard, School of Life Sciences
"Influence of Microorganisms on Mineral Formation: How Microbe-Mineral Interactions Can Help Us Look for Life on Other Planets"

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Dr. Jason Steffen, Department of Physics and Astronomy
"Gods of Power: How Nuclear Energy Will Save the Planet"

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Dr. Ernesto Abel-Santos, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond”

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Dr. Christy Strong, School of Life Sciences
“Viral Evolution: Variation within Virus Populations”

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Brian Hedlund, School of Life Sciences
“How Microorganisms Affect Our Lives: From Pandemics to Antibiotic-Associated Intestinal Disease”

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