Elementary and Middle Schools

If local schools wish to participate in the Beal Bank USA Southern Nevada Regional Science & Engineering Fair (SNRSEF), it is recommended that schools hold their local school science fairs according to our recommended dates. Individuals must participate in their school's science fair in order to advance to the SNRSEF.

See a list of divisions and awards.

Project review and approval are the responsibility of the individual participating schools. However, projects must still meet SNRSEF criteria in order to participate in the regional fair.

Schools are required to register with SNRSEF online. No paper documents need to be submitted. The two online registration sites include:

  • School Registration (school’s commitment to participate)
  • Registration of elementary school students, and/or registration of middle school students (school or teacher’s registration of their students)

The registration sites will not be available online after the deadline, and no late submissions will be accepted. If the school fails to meet the deadlines, the school is responsible for immediately notifying parents who thought their child’s project would be submitted in the regional fair. If parents show up at the fair without prior school/student registration, their student will not be allowed to compete in the fair.

Institutional Review Boards

Federal Law requires the formation of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review all research involving animals and humans. Schools must form their own IRB. Schools are encouraged to use the informationprovided by the Intel International Fair:

  • Human Subjects Risk Assessment Guide
  • Human Subjects
  • Animal Subjects

Recommended members might be the principal or assistant principal, school nurse, parent who is a doctor, dentist or vet, or a parent whose profession involves working with animals, especially in a laboratory setting. Students must submit their project plans involving animals/humans to the School IRB, and receive written approval from the IRB before beginning their projects.

Teachers and Science Fair Coordinators should inform themselves about the rules for the regional fair. Students should not begin projects until teachers have reviewed the student’s project procedures, and teachers must direct students to the IRB if appropriate before allowing students to begin their projects.

Use of Petri Dishes

Using Petri dishes or cell culture dishes can be dangerous and harmful to participants and those around them if not handled in the correct manner or supervised by a qualified individual. Projects that involve the use of Petri dishes will NOT be allowed at the Beal Bank USA Southern Nevada Regional Science & Engineering Fair unless a medical doctor or another adult with a Ph.D. in the sciences supervises the student and his or her project.

Elementary Science Fair Board
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