UNLV Leadership Excellence Award

With a $150,000 annual grant from the University, starting Fall 2019 UNLV Army ROTC will be offering the Leadership Excellence Award (LEA) to all eligible students.

Eligibility for the LEA is based on enrollment in Military Science courses and completion of the FAFSA. You must be enrolled through UNLV and be an active participant in any one of the MIL 101/102 through MIL 401/402 primary courses and the associated Leadership Lab to be eligible.

The max value of this award potentially covers Room or Board for out of state students, with the highest priority given to 3 and 4-year Army ROTC scholarship recipients.

The minimum award for qualified students will cover the in-state cost of the primary MIL Science course (up to 3 credits) for those semesters which enrolled.

Bottom line - it pays you to enroll and participate in Military Science courses.