Program Synopsis

The Division of Research is pleased to accept applications for the Faculty Opportunity Awards (FOA) Program each winter.

The FOA Program is intended to increase innovative research, scholarly activity, and creative activity where there is potential for subsequent funding by extramural funding agencies, private foundations, or industry. The program is intended to provide seed funding for research, scholarly activity, and creative activity that will provide “proof of concept” for development of strong external proposals. Up to $300,000 is available to support these efforts in this round of awards, thanks to the generous funding provided by the UNLV Research Foundation and the UNLV Foundation. Applications are submitted online through the FOA Portal.



The 2022 program is limited to faculty (including faculty-in-residence) who meet the requirements for Principal Investigator (PI) eligibility.

Please note: Faculty are not eligible to apply if they:

  • have previously received a FOA
  • have had funding from any source as lead PI

Award Information

Award Size
  • Research Awards: Up to $20,000
  • Scholarly Activity Awards and Creative Activity Awards: Up to $10,000
Anticipated Funding Amount

Up to $300,000 is available to support these efforts in this round of awards.

Performance Period

July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023. No extensions will be approved.

Program Details

Research, Scholarly Activity and Creative Activity Awards

The intent of these awards is to make UNLV faculty more competitive for federal, philanthropic, and industry funding in the year following the FOA award. This includes developing new interdisciplinary approaches to enhancing scholarly activities and creative activities in any field.

The primary research deliverable from this award is the submission of one or more grant proposals for research funding from external sources, including corporate sponsored research, within the subsequent year after the FOA is completed. The primary scholarly activity or creative activity deliverable from this award might include one or more of these: book publications, creative performances/showings, evaluation of creative activities, or other.

Successful applications will clearly demonstrate that the proposal has high potential for subsequent external funding from specific agencies or sources. Each applicant must clearly identify a mentor who will be actively involved in the grant submissions. Each application should also clearly identify the funding agency or source that will be targeted with the research results obtained during the FOA. When possible, the actual funding opportunity should be provided if it is based on a recurring call for proposals.

Allowable Budget Items

Salaries/wages for UNLV students and LOA staff; consultant fees; materials and supplies; service fees at core facilities or external service fees; and domestic travel for field work/creative performances.

Non-Allowable Budget Items

Honoraria, hosting, salary for position-numbered technicians and post-docs, graduate student stipends and tuition/fees originating in the Graduate College, summer salary and academic year buyouts for faculty, travel (except field work/creative performances), equipment purchases greater than $5,000, and the purchase of books and computers (laptop and desktop). Indirect costs are not allowed on these funds.

Please note: Funds must be spent within one fiscal year. Extensions will not be granted after the period of performance.

Application Information

Application Packet

Assemble the FOA application packet in a single PDF (single-space, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font). Use exact section headers, sub headers, etc. as indicated in all forms and instructions.

The application packet PDF must include the following:

  1. Cover Page Form (Signed by PI, Chair/Unit Head, Dean)
  2. Required Sections – Download Forms and Instructions
    1. Project Summary (1 page maximum)
    2. Project Narrative (5 pages maximum)
    3. Budget Plan (2 pages maximum)
    4. Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum or length specified by potential future funding agency, e.g. four pages maximum for NIH)
    5. Pending and Completed Support (Note: If none, you should nevertheless include and reference this section as “Not applicable to this proposal.”)
    6. UNLV Mentor Letter of Support (up to two-pages formal letter of support on university letterhead)
    7. Three UNLV Potential Reviewers

Online Submission Portal

Submit a fully complete and appropriately formatted application packet in the FOA Portal by the deadline to be considered. No late submissions will be considered. The Principal Investigator will receive an automatic notification when the application packet has been received.

Evaluation Process and Criteria

Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated by confidential peer-review panels appointed by the Vice President for Research and comprised of UNLV faculty representing a variety of academic disciplines, faculty ranks, ethnicities, and gender. The panel’s confidential comments and recommendations will be reviewed by the Vice President for Research, the Associate Vice President for Research, the Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance, the Chairperson of the UNLV Research Foundation, and the chairperson of the UNLV Foundation. Based on all feedback, the Vice President for Research will make the final approval.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The overall quality of the proposal and its relevance to the award program’s goals, including the likelihood that the proposed research, scholarly activity, or creative activity will be successful in garnering subsequent external support.
  • The clarity of the project’s goals and deliverables and the reasonableness of the proposed timeline.
  • A cost-effective and well-justified budget that clearly and directly supports the project.
  • The proposal’s conformity to the stipulated requirements on formatting, budget, and deadlines.

Post-Award Assessment of Progress

The PI of the FOA will be required to submit an interim report documenting the status of the FOA at six months. The format for this report will be provided to each FOA PI. Similarly, the PI of all successful awards will be required to submit a final report that will be due 30 days after the project end date. The content and format will be relayed to the PI in the Notice of Award letter and acceptance agreement.

Additionally, the award account balance will be monitored at the six month interval to ensure expenditures are being made at a pace that indicates sufficient progress towards timely completion.


Principal Investigators of successful FOAs are required to submit a final report within 30 days after the project end date. Within 12 months of the project end date, all research PIs are required to submit at least one proposal to a peer-reviewed, competitive grant program. Documentation of the success or failure of the proposal(s) must be noted in a post-final report. All scholarly activity or creative activity PIs are required to produce at least one book publication, creative performances/showings, evaluation of creative activities, or other. The format and delivery of these reports will be provided to the PI in the Notice of Award letter. A yearly follow-up survey will be sent each year for up to three years

Program and Application Questions

Contact Althea Sheets, Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities Development Manager, or 702-895-1880.

Past Awards

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