What is Archibus Web Central?

  • Archibus Web Central is the web module of the campus space management software.
  • It connects floorplans, space, and employee data.
    • Floorplans originate from Planning & Construction.
    • Space data is compiled and updated by Space Management.
    • Employee data – most data comes from Human Resources (exceptions - employee location, UNLV phone, UNLV email, & mailstop).

What type of information can be found in Archibus Web Central

Employee Information:
  • Employee locator – search for an employee and see their location on a floorplan.
  • Lists of employees and their contact information by department, division, building, or even floor.
Space Information:
  • Floorplans of buildings color coded by department.
  • Basic information for all space on campus.
  • Detailed information for departments or divisional space. Archibus Web Central will allow you to view how space is assigned and categorized. Categories are based on the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM) from the US Department of Education.
  • Reports of square footage by department, division, room types, or buildings.

Who is able to update/change information in Archibus Web Central?

  • There are Managers for Space and Employees in Archibus Web Central that are assigned by the Vice President or Dean's Office.
  • For Employees: They or a designee is responsible for updating the location information in Archibus Web Central for the employees in their area. This information is uploaded to the Human Resources system and the on-line employee locator (3 day process).
  • For Space: Space Management staff will make any changes to Archibus Web Central. Buildings are being toured on a regular basis, however, if a change needs to be made, please email Justin Iaela at or Bridget Nicpon at

​Who has access to Archibus Web Central?

  • All employees with a UNLV ACE account have view access to most information. (Exception: Students and Graduate Assistants must have approval by their Dean or VP before they have any access.)
  • Other access:
    • Vice President Role has access to space and employees within their assigned business unit. This role can update employee location information.
    • Division Role has access to space and employees within their assigned division. This role can update employee location.
    • Department Role has access to space and employees within their assigned department. This role can update employee location.
    • Services has access to detailed space and employee data for all areas of campus, but no update capability. (For areas like Facilities, Police Services, Office of Sponsored Programs)

How will I access Archibus Web Central?

  • Archibus Web Central is available by clicking the button in the Web Central box on the right.
  • To log-in, use your ACE username and password.
  • All users have Standard access until they attend a training. Please email for the training schedule.

Archibus Department List Common Room Use Code Descriptions

Web Central Log-in

To log-in, use your ACE username and password.