Welcome to General Education at UNLV. At UNLV, we have dedicated ourselves to providing an outstanding educational experience for our students. To this end we have developed a new and innovative General Education curriculum that is founded on shared principles, common goals, and high academic expectations for our faculty and our students.

The new General Education curriculum is a series of linked courses that build on themselves to better serve our students by providing them with foundational knowledge, success skills, and an understanding of the academic expectations of a research-based university. We set the stage for our students to be successful at the beginning of their time at UNLV and reinforce this as our students move into their sophomore year, their major area of study and beyond.

This vertically integrated model for General Education is exciting for both students and faculty, and UNLV is a national leader in developing this type of curriculum.

Through our new General Education curriculum, we intend to provide our students with a clear and defined path toward the completion of their undergraduate degree, to assure student success, to promote excellence, and to develop a working relationship among UNLV, the students, and our community. We look forward to working with our students as they move through this new and exciting curriculum.