What are WICHE, WCET, and SAN? How are they related? How are they different? What are their connections to State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA)? 

Visit this video link for a basic explanation of How It Works.

My UNLV online program is not listed on UNLV’s SARA State Compliance website for Nevada (and/or other states/territories). How do I get the program listed on this site?

See how to list an online program on UNLV’s SARA website.

UNLV has a program in a professional licensure discipline, however, it is a "post-licensure" program. Why can't UNLV just list this program for all of the states/territories on the UNLV SARA website?

The rules and regulations that need to be followed regarding fully online educational programs in professional licensure disciplines (whether they are pre- or post-licensure programs) vary greatly from state to state. As such, UNLV is required to do its due diligence to assure that we can abide by the consumer protection laws in each state for the discipline in question before we accept online students from another state into any online professional pre- or post-licensure programs.

What are “learning placements”?

“Out-of-state learning placements include on-the-gound, out-of-state learning placements (clinical rotations, student teaching, internships, etc.)”

-From the 2020 NC-SARA Data Reporting Handbook

When reporting courses with learning placements, ALL items below must be true:

  • The placement involves the physical presence of the student outside of the home state location. In the case of UNLV, that would be anywhere outside of Nevada.
  • The placement is offered for credit and/or requires a fee paid to the institution.
  • The placement activity is required for degree completion or professional licensure.
  • Placements are reported for an annual calendar year (1 January - 31 December). Data for the preceding year will be due to the Office of Educational Compliance in April of each year.
  • Do not report placements that are made in the institution’s home state (Nevada).

Why do we have to report learning placements?

UNLV is required to report this data on an annual basis.

The leadership and/or Faculty in our School/College would like more information on this topic. Is someone available to meet with us to more fully educate us on what we need to know about his area of compliance?

Yes, so happy you're asking! Please send your request to sara.edcompliance@unlv.edu, and we'll make arrangements for a session/presentation that is tailored to meet your needs.