The Associate Dean for Academic Programs (or the equivalent of that role) in the school/college can send an email to requesting the program be added to UNLV's Sara website.

  1. It’s helpful if the subject line reads “Add Program to UNLV SARA Website.”
  2. In the body of the email, please address the following:
    • The name of the college/school.
    • The name of the program. The program name must be an exact match to the Degrees Directory.
    • The URL for the UNLV website that describes the program.
    • Is this online program in a professional licensure discipline (medical, dental, nursing, law, education, clinical psychology, social work, etc.)?
    • Does this program have any “learning placement” activities?
    • For an “existing” UNLV program that has just expanded to a fully online modality - indicate date of when the program became available in a fully online mode.
    • For a “new” program indicate NSHE approval date and effective date.
    • Contact information for the best person who can answer any follow-up questions regarding the program.