The Campus Planning Priorities Committee (CPPC) is in place to prioritize all projects estimated to cost more than $25,000 and recommend one-time funding for items such as projects, equipment and software. This is for items for which funding has been identified, requests for funding, or a match of funds. This will allow for prioritization and planning of staff and fiscal resources each year.

Committee members and the units they represent include:

Voting Members

  • Elise Bunkowski (co-chair), Business Affairs, Financial Planning, Budget & Analysis
  • Jennifer McCarthy (co-chair), Executive Vice President and Provost, Space Management
  • Kathy Adams, Business Affairs, Financial Planning, Budget & Analysis
  • Heidi Albrecht, Executive Vice President and Provost, Space Management
  • David Frommer, Business Affairs, Planning, Construction, and Real Estate
  • Kris Davidson, VP Research
  • Michael Lawrence, Business Affairs, Administration Services
  • Sherry Marks, Executive Vice President and Provost, Academic Resources
  • Sharrie Mayden, Business Affairs, Purchasing
  • Summer Mudd, VP Student Affairs
  • Kivanc Oner Office of Information Technology
  • Musa Pam, Business Affairs, Facilities Management
  • Tiffany Vickers, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Non-voting Members

  • Toni Arcadipane, Business Affairs, Facilities Management
  • Karen Asquith, VP Digital Transformation
  • Chantel McDonald, Business Affairs
  • Deborah Bergin, Business Affairs, Planning & Construction
  • Patrick Castellano, Business Affairs, Planning & Construction
  • Paul Garcia, Business Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Betsy Burton, Business Affairs, Purchasing
  • Rebecca Paulson, Business Affairs, Administration Services
  • John Treston, Business Affairs, Planning & Construction
  • Michael Wolfe, Business Affairs, Planning & Construction


Each Vice President/Provost will determine who is eligible to submit requests for their area. It is recommended that the initial request starts at the department or dean/director level.

  1. Unit submits form
    • Email addresses are used for communication. Make sure they are correct.
      • Contact(s) email: Primary contact(s) for the request.
      • Department Chair email: Only need to enter if not a contact.
      • Dean/Director email: Approval and priority request automatically sent to this email once form is submitted.
      • Vice President/Provost email: Approval and priority request automatically sent to this email once dean/director supports.
  2. Dean/Director and Vice President/President support, deny, or place on hold and prioritize high, medium, low.
  3. Once supported by Dean/Director and Vice President/Provost, CPPC reviews to determine if eligible to move forward for a formal estimate.
    • Items that will impact moving forward for estimate include:
      • Campus Priorities
      • Safety
      • Resource capacity (employee & fiscal)
  4. If Supported, the Contact(s) will receive an email to submit a request for an estimate to the appropriate unit (ie, Planning & Construction, Facilities, Purchasing)
  5. The Contact will submit the request and update the appropriate fields using the link provided in the email as they receive information for the project.
  6. Once the estimate is received and the project updated by the Contact, the CPPC will meet periodically to prioritize and rank all requests.
  7. The CPPC will submit a prioritized list to the Executive Vice President and Provost and Senior Vice President Business Affairs for review, funding sources, and approvals.
  8. Requests that are not funded will remain on the list until canceled by the CPPC, Vice President/Provost, Dean/Director, or Department Chair/Contact.

To track your requests and where they are in the process, dynamic views are available and limited to the email address connected with the roles as designated below.

Instructions for Dynamic View

  1. Select the link for your role below.
  2. Select ‘Log-in with smartsheet account.'
  3. Below the email log in, select log in with ‘Google’.
  4. Input your UNLV email and ACE password.

Requests can be updated by selecting the project and updating the available fields in the panel that will open to the right.

Note: Room category changes and renovations are required to go through the Space Committee. Once approved, requests will automatically filter into the CPPC process if required.

For questions or troubleshooting, please contact Space Management at 702-895-0484 or email jennifer.mccarthy@unlv.edu elise.bunkowski@unlv.edu or heidi.albrecht@unlv.edu.