The Richard Tam Alumni Center and the UNLV Foundation Building are located just minutes from McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip. Both facilities have hosted many functions for on- and off-campus groups, including visits by president candidates, corporate meetings and events, and family events such as weddings and reunions.

The Richard Tam Alumni Center, which opened in 1990, is located on the corner of Harmon Avenue/Maude Frazier Way and Maryland Parkway. The space is perfect for a small intimate business lunch, a community lecture or civic event, or a wedding or other social reception. The Richard Tam Alumni Center consists of four different event spaces to accommodate your meeting and event needs.

The UNLV Foundation Building is located on the corner of Cottage Grove and Maryland Parkway. Opening in 2001, it has spaces perfect for a business lunch, a community lecture of civic event, or a wedding or other social reception. It has three spaces available. 

No matter the event, the Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement staff will provide you with the highest-quality service possible to ensure the success of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement has meeting and event space available to rent in the Richard Tam Alumni Center and the UNLV Foundation Building.

Yes. The same reservation form can be used for various events as long as they are standing meetings or recurring events. Individual, non-recurring events will require a reservation form for each.

Yes. We do not currently offer free rental space to any organizations. However, registered student organizations do receive a substantial discount on all rental fees. If you are looking for free space, please contact the Student Union & Event Services office at 702-895-4449.

All clients who are inviting off-campus guests to their events must provide proof of insurance to hold any event anywhere on UNLV property.

Nonprofit organizations must show proof of their 501(c)(3) status through federal tax documents or information on official company letterhead.

We strongly recommend using UNLV Catering for your event’s food and beverage needs. UNLV Catering is familiar with our campus and facility and can ensure success. If you choose to use another caterer, you must provide proper insurance from the caterer, or confirm that we have the insurance on file, prior to the event.

Yes, permits must be obtained and approved by the UNLV Vice President for Student Affairs. If approval is granted, a licensed bartender must serve, and their certifications must be on file prior to the event.

If we do not have the equipment needed for your event, you may rent or bring your own. However, if you do bring your own equipment, we cannot offer setup or technical assistance.

Each room has different equipment built into or associated with it. When booking the space, all included equipment will be disclosed.

Additional Questions?

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