Types of Vendor Permits and Costs

Annual permits are prorated the 1st of each month beginning October 1st. 

Construction or Service Vehicles

Construction or service vehicles must have a valid university permit. Such vehicles will be restricted from the campus sidewalks and walkways between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. unless otherwise permitted in writing. Service and construction vehicles and electric carts are not allowed to travel during class break periods on any heavily populated campus sidewalk or walkway. Certain areas may be restricted from any vehicle travel.

Contact Parking & Transportation Services for more information.

  • Annual Vendor Permit - $612
  • Monthly Vendor Permit - $51
  • Weekly Vendor Permit - $16
  • Daily Vendor Permit - $13


Contractor permits are for construction crews who are on campus for major construction projects. These permits require administrative approval from Parking and Transportation Services and are only valid in designated spaces on the west side of Lot M, northwest of the Campus Services Building, around the gate leading to Naples Avenue.

Contact Parking & Transportation Services to make parking arrangements for a special event or meeting.

  • Monthly Contractor Permit - $23.50