Jul. 5, 2024


LEE is excited to announce newly-created endowed scholarships for the Department of Marketing and International Business (MIB). The Marketing Community Advisory Board (MCAB) donated $100,000 to support two exemplary MIB students for their tuition and fees each year in perpetuity. This gift is a direct result of Dr. Anjala Krishen's leadership as MIB chair and creative fundraising with the advisory board. Dr. Krishen founded and maintains the MCAB to provide advice, counsel, and support to the department and to serve as the key interface between student-based initiatives and the Nevada business community.

LEE and MIB thank these board members for their generosity and dedication to higher education: Karen Alonso, April Augustine, Lateek Bailey, Yeraldin E. Barrios, Jeremy Boz, Brad Cameron, Ashfaque Chowdhury, Emmanuel G. Christodoulakis, John Diaz, Christina Ellis, Kathryn C. Freymuller, Sean Gigremosa, Lexy Glassman, Nadia Hansen, Jennifer Hightower, Ashok Kaul, Jonathan Kim, Katy Kindsfather, Ming Lam, Alex Lopez, Tyler Nigro, Bhavishi Patel, Brian Robison, Bryce Rosenquist, Oliver Sangalang, Christina Schlazer, Bianca Shaw, DeAngelo Shears, Andrew Silver, Shawn Tsuda, Sarah Vlasic, Liane Wakayama, and Keith Wingate. Thanks also to Randy Garcia for his ongoing support of MIB. Many of these advisory board members are also alumni of the programs they now support!