The College of Liberal Arts (COLA) world culture requirement is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn about the unique history and development of a culture outside the political and geographical boundaries of the United States in order to encourage global awareness. Successful completion of any two of the following courses will fulfill the requirement. Policy on the world culture requirement for foreign students: “A student who was born and raised in a country or countries other than the US, and whose native tongue is a language other than English, and who has completed at least two years of high school in a country other than the U.S. and a language other than English, is exempt from the College world culture requirement.”

Course Number Course Title
ANTH 206 (CSN) African Culture Through Oral History and Storytelling
**ANTH 301 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America (Multicultural)
ANTH 302 Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica
ANTH 303 Peoples and Cultures of South America
ANTH 305 Peoples and Cultures of Africa South of the Sahara
**ANTH 301 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America (Multicultural)
ANTH 302 Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica
ANTH 303 Peoples and Cultures of South America
*ANTH 306 Contemporary Chinese Society
ANTH 401B Peasant Society and Culture
*ANTH 403 Anthropology of Women and Men
ANTH 404 Urban Anthropology
ANTH 407/CRJ 421 Law in Non-Western Societies
ANTH 408 Issues of Political Economy in Anthropology
ANTH 409 Economic Anthropology
*ANTH 420 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
ANTH 421 Legends, Myths, and Customs: Folklore and Culture
*ANTH 422 Psychological Anthropology
ANTH 423 The Anthropology of Aging
ANTH 425 Applied Anthropology
*ANTH 426/NUR 474 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 435/HIST 474 Latin American Ethnohistory
ANTH 441B Near Eastern and Mediterranean Prehistory
ANTH 441C Peoples and Cultures of Ancient Near Middle East & Mediterranean
ANTH 485 Language and Culture
ANTH 490 Study in Anthropology Abroad
ENG 484A The Bible as Literature
ENG 485A Asian Literature
FIS 440 The European Film
*GER 321 German Culture and Civilization
*GER 322 Contemporary Germany and Austria
GER 331 German Literature in Translation - Drama
*HIST 150 Introduction to Chinese Civilization
*HIST 151 Introduction to Japanese Civilization
*HIST 227, 228 Latin America
*HIST 347 History of Mexico
HIST 348 World War I: Origins, Experience, Memory
*HIST 362 Passions of the French: France Since 1815
HIST 367 The Holocaust in its European Setting
HIST 419A Britain to 1750
*HIST 419B Britain from 1750
HIST 420 Revolution in Central Europe: 1914–Present
HIST 421 History of Russia to 1825
*HIST 422 History of Russia since 1825
HIST 423A History of Germany to 1848
*HIST 423B History of Germany since 1848
HIST 445 Cultural History of Modern Russia
HIST 446/FIS 446 History of the Russian Film
HIST 447 Revolutionary Russia, 1905-1921 (For. The USSR & its Successors)
HIST 449A History of Japan to 1800
HIST 449B History of Japan Since 1800
HIST 455A History of China to 1800
HIST 455B History of China Since 1800
HIST 455C Topics in Modern China
HIST 456 Topics in Ancient History
HIST 457 Ancient Greek Civilization
HIST 458 Roman Civilization
HIST 459 The Middle Ages (Formerly Medieval Civilization)
HIST 460A The Renaissance
HIST 460B The Reformation
HIST 461B Early Modern Europe: 1550-1789
HIST 462 The French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST 463 Europe, 1815–1914
*HIST 464 Europe: 1914–Present
HIST 466 European Diplomatic History: 1815–Present
*HIST 473 Andean Region
HIST 475/FIS 475 Modern Latin American Film
HIST 476/PSC 407M The Mexican Revolution
HIST 479 History of the British Empire
*ITAL 321 Italian Culture and Civilization
*ITAL 322 Italian Popular Culture
*ITAL 490 Topics in Italian Studies
*PHIL 117 Indian Philosophy of Mind and Mental Health
*PHIL 124 Philosophical Traditions of Asia
PHIL 130 Topics in Philosophy or Religion
*PHIL 225 Introduction to Indian Philosophy
PHIL 352 Special Topics
*PHIL 467 Indian Philosophy
PHIL 468 Chinese and Japanese Philosophy
*PHIL 469/SW 493 Gandhian Welfare Philosophy and Culture
*PSC 211 Introduction to Comparative Politics
*PSC 231 Introduction to International Relations
*PSC 405B International Law and Organizations
*PSC 405C Inter-American Relations
*PSC 405J The European Union
*PSC 405K International Relations of the Middle East & N. Africa
*PSC405L East Asia in World Politics
*PSC405M The Pacific Rim and World Politics
*PSC 405Z Special Topics in International Relations and Foreign Policy
*PSC 407A Political Systems of West Europe
*PSC 407B Political Systems of East Asia
*PSC 407C Political Systems of Russia and East-Central Europe
*PSC 407D Political Systems of the Middle East and North Africa
*PSC 407E Politics in Latin America
*PSC 407I Politics and Problems in Developing Areas
PSC 407M/HIST 476 The Mexican Revolution
*PSC 407O Islamic Politics
PSC 407Z Special Topics in Comparative Politics
PSY 433 Culture and Personality
*RUS 321 Russian Culture and Civilization
*RUS 331 Russian Literature in Translation
**SOC 428 Special Topics in Comparative Societies (Multicultural)
**SOC 447 Marriage and the Family
*SOC 451 Russian Society in Transition
*SOC 474 Sociology of Religion
*SPAN 321 Area Study: Spain