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How to Make a Weekly Food Budget

Grocery shopping for whole, nutritious foods, while on a budget, is 100% doable. And today we're sharing a how-to guide on establishing your household's weekly food budget.

20 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Eager to make healthier food choices, but feel like grocery shopping is far too expensive? Have we got the video for you!

Basic Kitchen Supplies

Having the right supplies in your kitchen will help make cooking so much easier. Kayla Wolf (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) created a helpful list to get you started—from utensils to cookware to basic appliances—we have you covered so you’ll be able to cook just about anything, especially on a budget.

Knife Types and Skills

Learn about different types of kitchen knives, how to hold a knife, basic knife safety, and more. Shaun Sanders (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) will teach you knife skills so you can improve the quality of your cooking and feel safe in the kitchen.

Knife Cuts

Shaun Sanders (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) teaches you basic knife cuts that you will find in typical recipes. By the time you’re done watching this video, you will be able to chop, slice, and dice any food item. If you’re new to the kitchen or want to learn more about different knives, we recommend watching the Knife Types and Skills video first.

Cooking Methods

Understanding different types of cooking methods will help you become a better home cook so you can make delicious and nutritious meals. Shaun Sanders and Brandon Scheppmann (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) teach you how to bake, roast, steam, sauté, and more!

Food Safety

Learn how to safely handle, prepare, and store food to prevent food-borne illnesses. Nancy Zheng (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) teaches you all the basic food safety information you need to have a safe and healthy kitchen.

Food Preservation and Storage

Food preservation is important for increasing the shelf-life of food and ensuring food is safe to eat. Kayla Wolf (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) teaches you how to preserve food to prevent spoilage and reduce waste.

Organic Food Frequently Asked Questions

We hear a lot about organic food, but what does “organic” really mean and is organic food really healthier? Nancy Zheng (B.S., Nutrition Sciences) answers all the most frequently asked questions regarding organic food and teaches what you need to know to make smart food choices.

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