Faculty and Professional Staff Compensation

A series of salary ranges for faculty and professional staff is updated periodically by the Nevada System of Higher Education's Board of Regents. Ranges are reset based on a review of faculty and professional staff salaries at other institutes of higher learning. Our goal is to provide total compensation packages that are competitive in the marketplace, recognizing that there can be a high degree of variability in the market values of different professions and academic disciplines.

To guide individual hiring decisions, all faculty and salaried positions are assigned to a specific salary range by UNLV's Compensation Department. The salary range is usually not listed in our faculty and professional staff job announcements. Contact the Employment Department to find out more about the salary range for the position you have interest in.

Classified Staff Compensation

Salary ranges for UNLV's classified staff are updated by the Nevada State Department of Personnel based upon annual wage surveys in classified occupations.

Salary ranges are listed on the job announcements. All salary ranges for classified positions are divided into 10 segments called "steps." Generally, new employees are hired at Step 1 of the range, but they may be hired at a higher step based upon education and/or prior experience.

Advancement to each succeeding step in the range generally occurs on completion of an incremental year of employment, subject to satisfactory work performance.

More Than a Paycheck

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