Paper-free. Clutter-free. Hassle-free.

Going paperless is not only great for the environment — it saves you time and it saves the university money. You'll reduce clutter at home and in the office. Make paper a thing of the past.

How You Can Help

Direct Deposit

Are you are still making trips to the bank to deposit your paycheck? If so, sign up for direct deposit to have your money on payday and eliminate an unnecessary trip.

Paperless Payroll

Printing a paper pay stub costs the university. Sign up to receive your pay stub notification electronically. You'll get it faster and keep personal information private. You can also view and print past notices.

Here's What Else UNLV is Doing

Paperless Signature Authority

One signature on file is all that is needed to sign on any number of accounts. Papers will no longer gather dust waiting for a signature on someone's desk. Plus it's completely safe and secure. Complete or update your signature card.

Travel, Host, and Expense Reimbursements

If you have direct deposit, you will now receive travel, host, and expense reimbursements directly to your bank account. An advice will be emailed to you when reimbursements are deposited.

iService Desk

Check the status and view the accumulated costs of your work order. Submit maintenance, repair, and chargeable requests using the web at the iService desk.

Staff Development Registration

Register online for staff development classes instead of faxing in a registration form.

Automated Purchasing System — Munis

Munis is an electronic purchasing system that allows individual departments to enter requests electronically. This provides a more efficient way to buy goods and services.