“Rebel Media Group has been very responsive and helpful with growing our business. I appreciate the weekly check-ins and love interacting with the students. The students have a unique perspective and great ideas on things. I look forward to our continued relationship and am excited to see our business grow with the support of Rebel Media Group.”
— Heather Fife, Co-founder of Zwier

Las Vegas Television Network

“The Las Vegas Television Network has had the privilege of working with RMG for the past 3 years and found the relationship rewarding and very professional. We are looking forward to continuing to have RMG as part of our team!”
— Jon D. Fondy, Founder of The Las Vegas Television Network

Brookings Mountain West

"Brookings Mountain West is proud to partner with the Rebel Media Group to present public lectures by visiting scholars from the Brookings Institution. The ability to record and place our public lectures on the Brookings Mountain West website, on YouTube, within the UNLV Digital Scholarship Repository, and on local public television (VegasPBS) introduces our lectures to a broad audience. The Rebel Media Group produces broadcast quality digital recordings, and does so in a timely fashion. Our ability to disseminate the digital recordings to a local, regional, national, and international audience greatly expands the impact of our public policy efforts."
— Caitlin J. Saladino, Director, Strategic Development and Operations, Brookings Mountain West


“Over the past 18-months we've significantly expanded our relationship with the Rebel Media Group. We've gone from a simple Facebook management relationship to a full blown social media presence as they have expanded the social media services they provide us to include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It's comforting in knowing we have a very cohesive message going out to the marketplace, regardless on the platform carrying the message."

"We find [Rebel Media Group] to be very innovative and forever on the lookout for trends in social media that we can adopt here at HAPPIE Home. Case in point: we are about to embark on a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign, a task we as a company have never done. In our research, we found a good number of marketing companies ‘specializing’ in crowdfunding that we could have gone with. We selected the Rebel Media Group for a good number of reasons, most compelling to us was their ‘can do’ attitude and their ability to bring forth UNLV students with deep crowdfunding experience. It’s a true blessing to be able to work with such a wonderful team. Soon we'll be asking that they manage our website as well. I am confident our social media needs are best met by working with the Rebel Media Group.”
— Anthony P. Rufo, President of HAPPIE Home

Rotary Club of Green Valley

“Students and professors from Rebel Media Group partnered with Rotary Club of Green Valley, creating social media and digital engagement initially for the Field of Honor® event in May 2018. It was a great success and ultimately RCGV brought RMG on year round.”
— Julie Todd, Rotary Club of Green Valley

UNLV Summer Term

“Working with the Rebel Media Group has been a great experience. They have been creative in approaching our needs but professional in delivering services. I look forward to a long and expanding association.”
— Patricia Suske, Director of UNLV Summer Term

UNLV Marketing & Communications

"We partnered with the Rebel Media Group to create content for our social media channels to reach a specific audience. The team consistently and reliably delivered engaging content. They were able to incorporate creative visuals and fun copy — exactly what we were looking for."
— Katy Griffin, UNLV Social Media Strategist