Danang, Vietnam

Through a partnership with the State University of New York at Brockport, UNLV students can now study at their program in Danang, Vietnam. SUNY Brockport was a pioneer in creating an immersion program in Vietnam for US students. UNLV International Programs' agreement and cooperation with SUNY Brockport allows UNLV students to participate in their Danang, Vietnam program, use financial aid and scholarships from UNLV on that program, and receive transfer credit from SUNY Brockport at the completion of the fall or spring semester in Vietnam.

The Brockport Vietnam Program in Danang provides participants an international adventure in an exciting, friendly, and historically rich community with a political system and social traditions that are fascinating. Participants will take classes in language, culture, politics, and history from professors that also teach at Danang University (the state university), Duy Tan University (a private university), and The School of Politics (a state political education institute). Each institution will introduce students to different philosophies and teaching approaches in Vietnam. Students also perform community service at a variety of locations including a group home for disabled children, a nursing home, teaching English to local students, and more...


The Brockport Vietnam Program is housed in a building which includes housing for the student participants. The building is air-conditioned. The students share double bedrooms. Television, radio, telephone, recreation, and computer services are available. Meals (included in the cost) are prepared by the staff, and laundry will also be done by the staff.


Orientation materials will be provided to each participant after acceptance and enrollment in the program. The information consists of basic English-Vietnamese language materials, cultural and historical information, and detailed materials to assist in preparation for the experience in Vietnam. A one-week orientation program will be completed during the first week in Danang to familiarize students with the community, resources, and other relevant information.

Students are eligible to apply for many other scholarships including: