Study Abroad Programs

Nevada's universities offer two types of study abroad programs in cooperation with the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). USAC is an NSHE based program which also includes other member institutions across the US. UNLV has been a member of USAC since 1983.

UNLV Credit Programs

Most students participate in UNLV Credit Programs where each course is reviewed and approved by the appropriate academic department. The department representative assigns a UNLV course number to each class. Students register through the Office of International Programs and receive regular UNLV credit and transcripts.

Transfer Credit Programs

Another type of study abroad program offered by UNLV and USAC is a Transfer Credit Program which is also called a Partnership Program. Partnership Programs are available at universities where there is a full curriculum available in English which allows students to enroll directly in courses offered by the host institution abroad. In Partnership Programs students will receive transfer credit on official transcripts from the host university. Students should be advised to select a wide range of courses prior to departure and work with their UNLV advisor to determine which classes they should complete abroad.

The buttons below provide lists of approved courses for all UNLV Credit programs and also provides direct links to the USAC web site for our Transfer Credit Programs (Partnership Programs). We hope this information will help you to advise UNLV students.

The Office of International Programs can assist academic advisors and students with information about all our international partners. Please contact our office for any assistance. We look forward to working with you.

Study Abroad Advising FAQ

International Projects and Programs

The Office of International Programs administers a wide range of projects and provides support for faculty and staff who are interested in international teaching and research. International activities which include students are subject to a wide range of UNLV and NSHE policies which have been developed to assure academic quality, compliance with health and safety standards, State Department recommendations, and other administrative regulations.

All new international projects and programs for students are developed based on long term strategic planning and are subject to the administrative approval processes of UNLV and NSHE.

The Office of International Programs is responsible for the development and administration of study abroad programs for students, general agreements for international cooperation, international faculty exchange, the National Student Exchange, U.S. Student Fulbright Program, and serves as the support office for the Peace Corps.