International Education has become increasingly important in university communities throughout the U.S. UNLV has been pro-active in its response to national and international trends. Students and faculty can use the resources of The Office of International Programs to participate in numerous academic programs abroad. Office of International Programs is committed to serving the UNLV community by providing resources and services which encourage international study.

International study experience is an important part of any college education. Study abroad helps students to understand our changing society and planet from a global perspective. International education and foreign language skills are also important in many careers. Living in a foreign country provides an opportunity to see our culture, ourselves, and others from a new perspective. Students who study abroad can develop insights into global politics, international economics, and planetary environmental preservation efforts, which can help shape the future.

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UNLV International Programs Mission Statement

The Office of International Programs is committed to the development of global perspectives and intercultural understanding through high quality study abroad opportunities and faculty and student programs which focus on international education. The Office of International Programs will further the mission of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas by offering multidisciplinary programs which include opportunities for students and faculty to work cooperatively and develop skills that will serve Nevada in its role in the global community.

The Office of International Programs supports the UNLV Mission Statement which affirms "Our commitment to the national and international communities ensures that our research and educational programs engage both traditional and innovative areas of study and global concerns. UNLV's distinctive identity and values permeate a unique institution that brings the best of the world to our region and, in turn, produces knowledge to improve the region and world around us."