According to the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 284.442, all classified employees at a grade 20 or higher and new to state service will have a 1 year (full-time equivalent) probationary period. Classified employees who competitively seek and accept a promotional position (a position in a higher classification) will also serve a 1 year "trail" probationary period.

Any employee serving a 1 year probationary, or trial, period is entitled to receive performance evaluations on the 3rd, 7th, and 11th month of her/his employment, per the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 284.340. These evaluations are required and provide an opportunity for supervisors to give constructive feedback to the employee as to what they are doing well and what needs further development. It should also be noted that supervisors should not wait for the evaluation period to provide feedback, and that feedback should be ongoing. Further, if an employee's performance falls below standard performance, the supervisor must inform the employee promptly and indicate the areas that need to be improved (NAC 284.470).

During the probationary period an employee may be rejected for any lawful reason as determined by the appointing authority, per NAC 284.458. If it is determined that the employee will not complete her/his probationary period, please contact the Employee Relations office to discuss reasons for rejecting the employee. Discussion will center on the required performance evaluations that the employee has received, and any coaching and counseling that has occurred to improve performance or correct behavior.

Once a final determination has been made and the appointing authority has approved the release from probation, Employee Relations will assist in facilitating this process through to completion. Please take a look at the business map that outlines this process from start to finish.

Please contact the Employee Relations office at 895-0402 for all of your questions related to probationary periods for classified staff.