News from the Office of Nevada Deferred Compensation

State and Local Governments are permitted under current IRS rules to offer Deferred Compensation (457 plan) plans to its employees. Since UNLV is a state agency, we also offer this plan to our employees. This plan is administered by the State of Nevada Deferred Compensation Committee.

Currently, employees can open an account with Voya Financial and contributions are taken from the employee’s paycheck through Workday and sent directly to Voya. Contributions can be made pre-tax and investment earnings are tax-deferred or post-tax (Roth) and earnings will be tax free upon eligible withdrawal.

To participate in this plan:

  • Navigate to the Workday home page and click on the Benefits worklet.
  • Click on Retirement Savings under the Change column to edit your voluntary retirement benefits.

If you are already participating in the plan and wish to change your deferral amount you can change your deferral amount though Workday.

For more information about the NDC Plan, please view the Nevada Public Employees' Deferred Compensation Program Plan Document.

2021 Contribution Limits

Deferral Limits for 2021 – The IRS sets limits on the amount that you can contribute to the Plan each year. The annual deferral limits for 2021 are listed below:

Year State of Nevada Deferred Compensation 457 Plan Regular Contribution Limits 50+ Catch-Up Additional Contribution Limits
2021 $19,500 $6,500


Participants are eligible to withdraw funds from the plan when you:

  • Separate employment
  • Are age 701/2
  • Die