Jury Duty

UNLV employees receive paid leave for serving on a jury or as a court witness. Time is never deducted from your leave balance.

Civil Leave (Voting)

UNLV grants all employees paid time off to vote. The amount of time you receive to vote depends on the distance between the polling place and the university.

With prior supervisory approval, NRS 293.463 permits employees to use "civil leave" to the extent reasonably necessary to vote, when it is not "practical" for employees to vote on their own time. If you anticipate the need to use any work time to vote, you need to talk with your supervisor in advance. Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to provide reasonable opportunity to vote (and may not unreasonably withhold approval for civil leave).


Human Resources Front Desk
Absence Management

NRS 293.463 Employees may absent themselves from employment to vote: Procedure; penalty.

  • Any registered voter may be absent from his or her place of employment at a time to be designated by the employer for a sufficient time to vote, if it is impracticable for the voter to vote before or after his or her hours of employment. A sufficient time to vote shall be determined as follows:
    • If the distance between the place of such voter’s employment and the polling place where such person votes is 2 miles or less, 1 hour.
    • If the distance is more than 2 miles but not more than 10 miles, 2 hours.
    • If the distance is more than 10 miles, 3 hours.

Military Leave

Employees who are members of Federal Reserve forces or the Nevada National Guard are entitled to serve without loss of regular compensation for a period not to exceed 15 working days in any calendar year. Additional military leave may be granted for periods in excess of 15 working days.