You Are the Product: Thoughtful Consumption and Creation of Content on Social Media


Nov. 2, 2023, 10am to 11am

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Pioche Room


If something online is free, you and your data are probably the product. Brittany Paloma Fiedler, Teaching & Learning Librarian, and Niki Fullmer, Educational Outreach Librarian, will lead this session to introduce you to what data social media companies collect about users, what they might be doing with that data, and how they use it.

The workshop will also discuss things that students, job seekers, networkers, and others should consider as content creators.

By the end of this workshop, you will understand privacy policies and data collection of social media sites, understand the positives and negatives of algorithmic experiences on social media, and consider how your various identities (content creator, social media user, student, job seeker, professional) can complement and compete with each other.

A Rebel+ Libraries Workshop Series event. 

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This workshop is free and open to all.


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