Tang Xiaomeng MFA Exhibition, Alien


Apr. 19, 2021, 10am to 4pm
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Donna Beam Gallery, HFA 145
A white shoe with an insect on it.


Xiaomeng Tang presents, Alien, her research in fulfillment of a Master of Fine Arts degree. Tang’s Mongolian-Chinese heritage as a first generation of the One-Child Policy and the so-called "Eighty-Afters" group informs her experience as a resident alien in the United States. Tang’s current body of work explores the boundaries of identity that overlap the physical and psychological experiences of a cross-culture artist, a woman, and a mother. By altering the structures, functions, and pre-existing historical meanings of found objects, Tang critiques the conditions of her ethnicity and bilingual experiences by interlacing day-to-day Americana. She simultaneously challenges viewers to reconsider their definitions of identity

By means of paintings, prints, mixed media sculpture, installation, and literature, Tang engages in conversations of gender, race, identity, immigration, and human rights. Her most recent work investigates the impact of language, power, freedom, and radicalization in the realm of intercultural experiences.

Alien, at the Donna Beam Gallery, is open to the public by appointment until April 23. To make an appointment, please visit Eventbrite. Please note that for the safety of our community, all visitors are required to wear a face-covering and maintain social distancing between one another.


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HFA 145
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