[Indistinct Chatter]


Mar. 18, 2024, 9am to 5pm
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Donna Beam Gallery (Room 145)
Indistinct Chatter art exhibit


Ty Suksangasophon's MFA thesis art exhibition, [Indistinct Chatter], is a romantic painting exhibition of shared emotions not easily seen, heard or recognized. The exhibition will be on view from March 18 to 29, with a closing reception scheduled for March 29.

About the Artist

Ty Suksangasophon is a first generation Asian American, born in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is currently pursuing his MFA. His studio practice focuses on drawings and paintings that express relationships and appreciation to other global art forms; such as music, calligraphy and design. Through extensive travels, Suksangasophon has grasped that abstraction allows for the deep expression of universal sensations, perspective and the mindful movement of life.

Ty Suksangasophon’s recent endeavors incorporate the concept of the line as a visual imagery of modern society’s framework. Lines that connect, lines that weave, lines that fold, lines that suggest, it is an element that brings about order, structure and form. In making these lines, Suksangasophon calls attention to the chatter that is the compositional surrounding, which drives reaction and decision making. The super-positional gestures interact with one another, give way to one another, and in its own way, completes one another. Through his process, Suksangasophon engages in a personal pilgrimage, to express statements of communication, understanding and acceptance, thus offering a sense of “world-building” through abstraction. Ty Suksangasophon continues to be a novice and a disciple of introspection, but has a mastery of looking out windows.

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This event is free and open to the public. 

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