HRPD Series-Building a Performance Culture


Sep. 14, 2023, 9am to 11am

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Room 212 G


The culture of an organization and its performance are inextricably linked together. Changes in the workforce demographics, leadership expectations, student’s needs, new technologies, and much more create a need for positive culture consistency.

Performance cultures create a clear path to coaching, feedback, advising, and recognition for outstanding accomplishments across all levels. Co-creating an environment that is based on common values, effective communication, coaching and feedback, and individual and group accountability should act as guiding principles in building a positive workplace.

In this interactive workshop, we will: 1.) Explore what it takes to become a performance management culture, 2.) Learn the differences between performance appraisals and performance management, and 3.) Discover the importance of incorporating UNLV’s values in everything we do.

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Office of Human Resources
Kahala Crayton


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