Finding Fandom in Your Research


Feb. 21, 2024, 10am to 11am

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Eureka Room


Nerd out about your favorite TV shows, podcasts, movies, games and more. Explore using your fandom in your research assignments for various classes!

Whether you're wanting to talk about Swifties in your sociology class, Dungeons and Dragons in history, The Last of Us in English 102, or Heartstopper in gender studies, there's a whole world of pop culture and fan studies research out there to explore and make your research for classes a little more fun.

Lead by Teaching and Learning Librarian Amber Sewell, a longtime Whovian, this workshop will explore how being a fan is a type of expertise you can bring to the classroom, debunk common myths about scholarly research, and help you brainstorm ways of incorporating their fandom into different class assignments.

A Rebel+ Libraries Workshop Series event.

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Amber Sewell