4 Ways to Manage Your Health - Ways to Get Physically Active


Mar. 6, 2024, 10am to 12pm

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Everyone knows that exercise is important in preventing illnesses and keeping you healthy. But… busy or shy? Culturally awkward with exercising? Scared or bored to walk outside? No worries! The U.S. is free from cultural stigma as there are many races within the country. Also, it is safer at UNLV as we strive for diversity and equity. This session is to give you different strategies and resources to engage in physical activities.

Join Bo Park, an OTD graduate student, for health management workshop for international students and scholars - “4 Ways to Manage Your Health.”

Literature shows that international students and scholars may experience difficulty with managing their health in U.S. due to its unique system and being in a new environment, especially on these four topics (health insurance, healthcare service, exercising, and eating cultural and healthy food). These sessions provide education, strategies, and resources for each topic.

Snacks and a chance to win $30 will be provided.

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International undergraduates and graduates students with F-1 and J-1 visa status


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Bo Park