UNLV Executive MBA: A Transformative Program

A Transformative Learning Experience

The UNLV Executive MBA program is a transformative learning experience designed to build better leaders, critical thinkers, and strategists within the Las Vegas business community. Because the program is targeted toward executives with management experience, the core curriculum focuses on further developing relevant career knowledge and skills.


The UNLV Executive MBA enables seasoned business professionals to update their knowledge and skills in order to remain competitive in today’s workforce, while simultaneously sharpening their analytical abilities and leadership capabilities. Your curriculum will focus on topics applicable to your career and the current global business climate. Please visit our curriculum page for a full listing of EMBA courses.

What Courses Will I Take?

Your Executive MBA is comprised of 19 courses and the Capstone International Seminar - totaling 43 credits. Specific skills and topics addressed throughout the program include:

  • Problem identification and analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Positing alternative solutions
  • Leadership and collaboration

What Will I Learn?

Your Executive EMBA is a rigorous academic program that integrates theory and application. By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and evaluate ethical, legal, and regulatory dimensions of business decisions
  • Effectively communicate business ideas and analyses in written and oral presentation
  • Work effectively in a team-oriented environment
  • Apply business concepts to managerial decision-making within a global or domestic setting
Shawn McCoy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics

“You learn a lot about microeconomics by teaching it to students that are mid-to-late career professionals, and I certainly walk out of my class more intelligent than when I walked in.”

Shawn McCoy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics


As a member of the EMBA cohort, you have the unique opportunity to learn from award-winning faculty, accomplished business leaders, and a number of guest speakers from the Las Vegas business community.

By integrating real-world topics and personalities with business-focused curriculum in a non-traditional classroom setting, your EMBA program will:

  • Enhance independent and innovative thinking
  • Encourage application of theoretical solutions to real-world problems
  • Increase your problem identification and problem solving skills
The Honorable Frank P. Sullivan, Adjunct Professor

"The goal is to be proactive instead of reactive, so you can identify a potential problem, figure out how to resolve it, and avoid future problems."

The Honorable Frank P. Sullivan, Adjunct Professor

Guest Speakers

Throughout your program, you will enjoy visits from distinguished faculty and executives. These guests enrich the academic experience by providing valuable insight on a range of business theories and real-world, real-time examples.

International Seminar

The EMBA provides you with a foundational understanding of global leadership through the International Business course and capstone International Seminar. At the end of the 18-month program, the cohort will visit a country with a dynamic economy, giving you firsthand knowledge of international business practices and cultures. This 10-day experience will bring together all of your learning from the EMBA program and apply it to the organizations you visit abroad.

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