Executive Master of Hospitality Administration

The Master of Hospitality Administration (M.H.A.) degree program is an exciting, self-paced, online degree opportunity for professionals in the hospitality industry. Each course will lend power to your everyday activities as you employ new ideas and draw on time-honored theories. When you complete your professional paper — the culmination of your learning experience — you will take the learning opportunities right into your office as you focus on a challenging issue facing your company.

This program was designed with the busy professional in mind. Offered totally online, this program allows one to live anywhere in the world, work, and travel and still receive a master’s degree from an accredited, internationally renowned university.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the functions of human resource management, with special attention to strategic human resource alliances and developing trends.
  • Apply accounting and financial information to executive decision making in the hospitality industry.
  • Develop marketing & advertising systems for hospitality industries based on the need to create new markets and the need to respond to significant shifts in social and economic patterns.
  • Examine service marketing and management concepts relevant to the hospitality industry and explore how these concepts can be applied to service delivery systems.
  • Examine research methods including:  scientific method, literature review, sampling, statistics, research design and analytical technique.
  • Examine mechanisms and techniques employed in the management of hotel management, convention and meetings management, casino management, or food service management.
  • Develop strategies to address the challenges of a specific problem in hospitality management on basis of interest and preparation and apply this to their current work environment.
  • Conduct independent research in their major area of work on the analysis of a problem for a hospitality organization.

Program Structure

Classes run continuously throughout the year in five eight-week sessions, and you can begin the program at any time. This 30-credit program is composed of ten, three-credit courses:

  • Five required courses
  • Four electives
  • Professional paper

At least two required courses and two electives are offered in each session.

Courses are offered online via WebCampus, a course management program. A computer, internet access and a password are all you need to read course materials and upload assignments. You will even take tests through this system. WebCampus has networking features including a discussion board, email system and real-time chat capabilities for communicating with your professor and other students. Professors make themselves available by phone or online, so questions and concerns can be addressed in a timely manner.

In a hurry to finish? Although the program is usually completed in 18 to 24 months, the degree can be completed in one year. On the other hand, you might find yourself very busy at work with pressing deadlines. Then you can simply skip a session, scheduling classes for a less busy time. It’s up to you — it’s your program.

Available Online

UNLV is unable to provide fully online education to students from certain states. Visit the State Compliance page for more information.

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