Active involvement in scholarly research is essential to providing a quality education at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels. As a result, School of Computer Science faculty members are deeply involved in funded research programs as individual principal investigators or through collaborative research centers.

Center for Information Technology and Algorithms (CITA)

The Center for Information Technology and Algorithms (CITA) is a multidisciplinary unit with a focus on information technology for both theoretical and applied research. The purpose of the center is to create and promote algorithmic advances in various aspects of information and communication technology, utilizing research methods from combinatorial optimization, approximation theory, adaptive algorithms and game theory. Prominent application areas include homeland security, ehealthcare, e-learning, e-commerce, and entertainment engineering. CITA facilitates national and international collaborations and interdisciplinary work across UNLV's campus and with other academic entities. The center will be housed in the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering and will report to the Dean. Dr. Wolfgang Bein and Dr. Shahram Latifi will serve as co-directors of the merged center.