The Department of Computer Science is the largest academic unit in the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, comprising 41 percent of total enrollment. Our undergraduate program is ABET-accredited, which is an assurance that we meet the quality standards established by the computing profession and we have met the maximum accreditation rating given for a period of six years.

We emphasize a high-quality undergraduate academic atmosphere and strive to create a dynamic and creative research environment for our graduate students. Our program is nationally and internationally recognized for research in both theoretical and experimental computer science, especially in such areas as real-time algorithms, information retrieval, document analysis, parallel computing, language design, software engineering, computer science education, graphics, computational geometry, networking, information customization, cybermedia, and Internet security.

Our 18 full-time, permanent faculty members have received a variety of teaching and research awards, including the IEEE Outstanding Research Award, ACM Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award, and ACM Outstanding Contribution Award, as well as numerous College of Engineering and campus-wide teaching awards.

Advisory Board


  • Sustain an outstanding academic program in computer science and achieve international reputation in selected areas.
  • Enable students to achieve excellence in computer science at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.
  • Promote the discovery, integration, dissemination, and deployment of new knowledge in computer science in service to society.
  • Ensure that faculty will realize their maximum potential for contribution to research, teaching, and service. Program Objectives/Outcomes

Academic Integrity Policy

Each student enrolled in a course offered by the department of computer science is expected to do his/her own work when preparing written or programming assignments as well as examinations. He/She must adhere to the academic integrity policy provided by his/her instructor and the university. It is also each student's responsibility to notify the instructor if he/she becomes aware of any activities that would violate the academic integrity policy of the class.