Emergency Management Cybersecurity

About the Program

In our Emergency Management Cybersecurity program, our students hone their leadership, management, and coordination skills to not only prepare for emergencies but to respond, mitigate, and recover from cyber attacks.

The program takes advantage of the dynamic nature of Las Vegas, and connects the program with major activities in the city. For example, as part of the curriculum, students attend the Black Hat Cybersecurity Conference, the world’s most renowned cybersecurity event. The internationally recognized faculty, who attend the conference alongside students, work with students to integrate information gained at Black Hat into their coursework.

Certificate in Emergency Management Cybersecurity

The UNLV Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management Cybersecurity is designed to prepare decision makers to address the growing challenges of managing effective cybersecurity practices and mitigating threats within public and private organizations, including small businesses.

The knowledge and skills gained in this certificate program are intended to be applied to interdisciplinary business practices with high regulatory frameworks. Students will learn to develop business continuity and recovery strategies that identify mission essential functions and time-critical tasks, and will understand legal ramifications relevant to cybersecurity.

The program is designed for individuals who do not have technological backgrounds, but who must still prepare for, and respond to, the ever-present danger of cyber-attacks.

Resources for Student Success

Financial Assistance

  • Financial aid is available through UNLV Student Financial Services
  • Some individuals may be eligible to receive tuition assistance from their employers
  • Active duty military and National Guard members may qualify for the VA education benefits or tuition assistance

Learn Online and in Las Vegas

We know you’re busy. That’s why our fully online classes can be taken whenever and wherever you are. Our program combines the flexibility of online courses with a capstone session in Las Vegas.