Non-reimbursable expenses are items or services purchased that will not be reimbursed due to non-compliance of policies and/or procedures. The list below is non-inclusive of non-reimbursable expenses. If you are unsure, you can contact Accounts Payable at 702-895-1157.


The following fees are not allowed to be reimbursed, charged on a P-card, or prepaid.

  • Contracted services of any type are not reimbursable to employees.  To allow for required federal reporting, payments for services must follow standard UNLV Purchasing Policy and corresponding payments must be issued directly to service providers.
  • Annual fees for personal charge or credit cards
  • Baby-sitting
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Corporate credit card delinquency fees / finance charges / annual charges
  • Expenses incurred on personal side trips while on business trip
  • Laundry charges for travel less than four consecutive nights
  • Loss / theft of personal property
  • Mini-bar refreshments
  • Movies
  • “No Show” charges for hotel or vehicle service
  • Optional travel insurance
  • Parking fines or traffic fines
  • Passports or passport photographs
  • Personal clothing or hygiene items
  • Personal entertainment, including sports events
  • Personal telephone call(s) that add up to more than $10.00 per day
  • Room service
  • Non-meal tips / gratuities
  • Tips for personal meals, taxis, shuttle, and Limo’s etc. are not reimbursable
  • Use of prepaid phone cards (except for prepaid phone cards while in travel status in a foreign location and other prepaid cards such as gift certificates and prepaid credit cards
  • Satellite Radio and GPS Navigation Systems
  • Airline "Early Bird" check in fees

Authorization Required

No exceptions.

Account Restrictions

No exceptions.


No exceptions.