Can I take classes part time?

No, our program is Full Time.

What is the passing rate of UNLV CFT students who take the Nevada MFT licensing exam?

Since the November 1999 exam, our graduates have passed at a rate of 100 percent.

What type of experience will I get while in the program?

Students receive experience through practicum and internships. Marriage and family students receive experience in seeing individuals, couples, and families. Supervision is provided with all practica and internships. Students are trained using videotape for all sessions and have opportunities for live supervision with the use of one-way mirrors and intercoms within the therapy rooms.

How long does the program take?

The master's degree program takes 2 ½ years.

What are the important dates to know?

The deadline for applying for admission is Jan. 15. Interviews for those selected from the pool of applicants take place in March or early April. Please see the Graduate Catalog for other important dates to know.

How do the program and the Center for Individual, Couple and Family Counseling interact with the community?

The Center for Individual, Couple and Family Counseling and the program provide mental health services to the community through research, collaboration, and the services provided by student counselors.

When would I start the program after being admitted?

The program begins the fall after being admitted.

What will my schedule look like once I begin the program?

Didactic courses are taught from 1:00 - 3:45 p.m. three days per week. These days will vary by semester.

In order to acquire the requisite 500 clinical hours, students see clients in the Center for Individual, Couple and Family Counseling beginning in the summer of their first year. Clinic hours vary by semester.

How much will the Master's degree in MFT cost?

This information is available on our Program Fees page.

Transferring Credits

It is possible to transfer credits from other graduate coursework into the UNLV MFT Program. The UNLV Graduate College will allow a transfer of up to 15 credits of non-degree graduate courses into the degree program. The determination of whether you will be allowed to transfer credits, however, is up to the discretion of the MFT faculty. Requests to review transcripts and syllabi of courses you wish to transfer will be reviewed ONLY after you have applied to the program and been awarded admission in a formal letter from the UNLV Graduate College. Finally, preference of transferring credits will be given to those transferring from another COAMFTE-accredited program.