Nov. 21, 2022

Katie M. Gilbertson

Abstract: This report analyzes the Southern Nevada employment ecosystem by utilizing occupational clusters recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. The first section examines occupations in the tourism industry using three occupational clusters: hospitality and leisure; arts, audio/video technology and communications; and the transportation, distribution, and logistics. Next, this report utilizes the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s 2022 Workforce Blueprint to identify the top 15 in-demand occupations for Southern Nevada and occupational clusters. A case study of the MGM College Opportunity Program (COP) is presented to demonstrate an existing workforce training program that promotes upward mobility of leisure and hospitality employees in the community. Policy recommendations include creating more private-public partnerships like the MGM COP, aligning state and local governments’ workforce development priorities, and increasing funding for higher education. These recommendations require collaboration between key contributors to the Las Vegas economy in order to strengthen the regional workforce pipeline.

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